City Surveillance

Public safety is our first priority. So, you need a security system that can scale across your entire citya system that helps you manage hundreds or thousands of edge devices, be the cameras, doors, or license plate cameras; a system that you can rely on you when you need it most; a system that can efficiently transmit and securely store your security data.

City development and urban planning requirea high level of commitment and simultaneous development of all available resources. IP videosurveillance solution that would be flexible enough to efficiently perform precise video monitoring of public places both day and night.

The main objectives of the City surveillance system were to increasethe common citizen’s security by monitoring (pre-school, schooland university campus and so on), as well as surveillance of the most important city infrastructures.Not only was a centralized event management software solution with real time information alerts and on-demand reportsrequired, but the provision of quality network cameras was of equal importance.

The city surveillance system was designed from the very beginning to be extremely flexible and scalable.Due to different location specifics, and variety of outdoor lighting conditions a very special solution was deployed.

Kiwitech is able to offer a reliable and trusted IP Surveillance system to support and fulfill the limitation of city surveillance system. We have implemented it in Malacca City and Labuan Island which the control centre been located at the policequarters local authorities PBT.

City Surveillance

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