E-bike comes to Kuching

Manufactured by Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd

e-Bike Comes to Kuching

e-Bike Comes to Kuching

An E-bike as we call it, is a battery powered bicycle, manufactured by Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd. Based in Seremban, Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd realized the importance of supporting a green lifestyle and thus, took the risk of investing in producing e-bikes. Lots of time, money and effort has gone into the entire process, starting with the initial research up to the manufacturing process. This only goes to show Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd supports the development of green technology and making sure the public is also involved.

In conjunction with the local government’s efforts in promoting Kuching as a hotspot for tourists, Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with Sarawak Multimedia Authority and also JKKK Kpg. Masjid, Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd has decided that 5 units of the e-bike will be given to JKKK Kpg. Masjid. The 5 units of e-bike will be operated by JKKK Kpg Masjid with the assistance of Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd.

Expected to be in full operation in August 2018 in conjunction with the Malay Heritage Week, the e-bike will not only be a way of promoting the green technology, but it will also be what is hoped to be a tourist attraction in the future. As the bike is able to run at a maximum speed of 60kmh, it will provide a new and different experience for tourists while sightseeing in Waterfront and Kpg Masjid area.

As for the cost of being able to experience the local culture at a closer look, tourists can pick which package will be most suitable to their own schedule. Packages such as the Cultural and Heritage, Shop and Dine, Malay Village and many more will be offered to tourists. All the routes will include Kuching’s places of interests and historical architectural monuments.

Taking into consideration the fact that tourists might not be familiar with the places in Kuching, trained riders will be provided with each e-bike to give a more personal tour to the passengers on the e-bike. All riders will be given a thorough training which will include a lesson on the historical elements of Kuching and also how to handle the e-bike during any emergency situation. Thus, tourists can focus solely on enjoying the environment and scenery while riding the e-bike.

As for reservations or bookings, it cannot get any easier than this. Tourists will be able to make a reservation through online booking and phone applications. Payments will also be done through the apps or online booking, making it so much more convenient for the tourists.