Subsidiaries & Associates

Some of Kiwitech’s Subsidiaries & Associates

Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd is a new emergence from the growing Kiwitech Sdn Bhd. Established on 2015 under Company act 1965; it has its own purpose in nurturing the green technology and preserving the environment. Malaysia has recognised green technology as one of the key drivers of national economic growth. In developing the green technology in Malaysia, Kiwi Greentech Sdn Bhd has taken its own initiatives promoting green technology as a key to develop the growth of Malaysia and the sustainability of the country economically, socially and environmentally.

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Berrypay is a combination of several online products built to provide comfort, safety and ease of online transactions in an urban society, especially those in Indonesia big cities.

With the motto “Mudah Itu Nyata” which means “Easy is real” we hope to be able to embrace every elements of society, in this case the businesses online retail and non-retail shop, a manufacturer of goods or services, students (graduates), private sector employees and even the housewives with aim to foster an online culture. Simple, practical, efficient, safe and easy to use are the pillar for Berrypay as a third party in the online transaction services.


Kiwitech (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd focuses on integrated CCTV solution and working with Big Data. One of the main objectives of Kiwitech Sarawak is to further develop Sarawak natives in the field of technology so that Sarawak could also have the same or maybe an even better level of technology than the technology used in West Malaysia. This objective could be achieved by exchanging expertise and skill transfer with the locals in order to help cultivate a better understanding of modern technology.