Integrated Surveillance Solutions

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Mobile Surveillance

Kiwi Mobi-eye

Kiwitech KiwiMobi-Eye is an intelligent, on-the-spot and highly mobile security surveillance system. The system supports customized integration of equipment such as IP cameras, wireless devices, etc. on a Foldable Post. The system can be powered by batteries, AC power or solar power, for the assurance of uninterrupted operation which is ideal for temporary, urgent and highly mobile surveillance needs.

Inteliigent IP Cameras
Costumized surveillance system; fixing on top, providing analyctic, day & night of detailed and  high quality video images.

AC or Solar system Powered
Costumize power supply; providing 24/7 running operation

Foldable Post
An easy stretching and folding operation post to reach up to 8m height for top monitoring.

Wireless network 3G/4G & GPS build-in
Multifarious transmission method; unlimited coverage for remote monitoring.

Lightweight materials
Weatherproof, rugged and lightweight solid structure materials to withstand harsh environments.