Trust Vision

Centralized Integrated Security Platform

Trust Vision

  • Surveillance Feeds

    TrustVision’s elementary daemon works with video device and ingest frames off it as fast as possible, this runs at a constant speed.

  • TrustVision GUI

    It implements a number of control interfaces which interact with core TrustVision Systems and external triggers.

  • Process Control

    Used by web interface and to control and maintain the execution of the capture and analysis components, along with other main critical components.

  • Basic Frame Analysis

    The Frame Analysis daemon goes through the captured frames and check them for motion, which might generate an alarm or triggers an event.

  • Audit Server

    A dedicated resource mechanism check the consistency of the vent file system and database.

  • Process Watch

    TrustVision keeps analyzing the capture daemons and fix any issues as they might happen.

  • Streaming Server

    TrustVision’s Streaming Server is an integrated component which streams video to devices.

  • Process Filters

    This is where pre-defined filters are saved and manages a number of autonomous tasks based on the filter definitions and structure.

  • Process Triggers

    TrustVision uses Process Trigger Module to interact with outside triggers received, e.g. change in ambient light from IoT Platform, this would in turn adjust the white balance for maximum visibility.